Energy Account Manager

Account management experience in one of the following areas is strongly preferred: renewable energy, public utilities, call center/billing operations management in the energy industry.

The Energy Account Manager (EAM) works under direction from the Director of Communications & External Affairs and has responsibility for a wide range of account related issues, including billing operations, data management, customer service, business development, and energy program support/development. This position will work with Monterey Bay Community Power (MBCP) strategic commercial and industrial accounts, MBCP’s Energy Programs team, MBCP’s data and call center vendor, and Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) to ensure customer satisfaction and retention. The Energy Account Manager will also be responsible for addressing systemic customer relationship issues as they arise and developing/offering new programs of benefit as they are developed.

Energy Program Coordinator

The Energy Program Coordinator (EPC) works under general supervision from the Energy Program Manager and has responsibility for the development and design, analysis and implementation of local energy programs.

Human Resources Manager

The Human Resources Manager (HRM) works under the general direction of the Director of Internal Operations. The HRM has responsibility for a wide range of HR matters, with particular emphasis on employee relations, personnel policies and procedures, human resources legal compliance, benefits management, payroll, classification and compensation, recruitment, and career development.

Energy Regulatory and Legislative Manager

The Energy Regulatory and Legislative Manager (ERLM), under direction of the CEO, is responsible for serving as the lead on all regulatory matters for Monterey Bay Community Power (MBCP).  The ERLM works closely with statewide representatives and decision-makers in the California Legislature and various regulatory bodies as well as the MBCP Board of Directors, members and their staff, lobbyists and external counsel.  This position works to promote and represent the interests of MBCP and advocates for statewide policies that advance MBCP and its programs.  The ERLM reports to the CEO and works closely with California Community Choice Association, Regulatory Managers from other CCAs, and MBCP staff as needed.


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