Monterey Bay Community Power was formed as a result of the work of the MBCP Project Development Advisory Committee (PDAC). Formed in 2013, the PDAC was a region-wide collaborative partnership comprised of 19 local governments within the greater Monterey Bay area, including the Counties of Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Benito and all 16 cities located within. The partnership also included Monterey Bay Unified Air Pollution Control District, Salinas Valley Solid Waste Authority and Monterey Regional Waste Management District.

The purpose of the PDAC was to investigate the viability of establishing a local community choice energy joint powers agency within the region. Formal resolutions to participate in the project were passed by every jurisdiction during 2013, with each given the option of appointing a representative to PDAC. All meetings of the PDAC were open to the public. Funding was provided by local contributors and a grant from the California Strategic Growth Council.

The PDAC hosted 28 public meetings from December 2012 through August 2016, totaling more than 100 hours of public access and participation. Meetings were open to the public and were rotated between the Monterey Regional Waste Management District Board Chambers in Marina and the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors Chambers in Santa Cruz, with one special session in San Benito County.

A technical/feasibility study was completed, as well as approximately 100 presentations and briefings to a wide range of community groups, local government agencies, non-profit organizations and specific sector groups from business, education and environmental interests, among others.