Understanding Your Residential Bill

Though MBCP and PG&E are separate organizations, for customer convenience MBCP’s electric generation charges are included on your PG&E bill.


Your electricity is provided at the same rates as PG&E, plus it is all from carbon-free sources and you’ll receive a minimum 3% rebate on your December bill yearlyNet-Energy-Metering customers receive their rebate at their annual true-up date. You also have the option to direct your rebate to fund local green energy projects or local nonprofits that support programs that serve low-income ratepayers and/or efforts related to climate change.

  • MBCP now procures energy on your behalf from carbon-free energy sources; PG&E will no longer charge you for electric generation.
  • PG&E will continue to charge for electric delivery – the transmission and delivery of your electricity – as well as required regulatory and program charges, at the same rates they always have. To learn more about your PG&E energy statement visit pge.com.
  • MBCP service will never be more expensive than PG&E’s. MBCP matches PG&E’s electric generation rates, inclusive of PG&E’s exit fees. Thanks to the minimum 3% rebate, you will see a savings when the rebate is applied to your bill.
  • There will never be any duplicate charges. MBCP and PG&E are charging for separate services on the same bill.

The sample bill below provides further explanation.


  • 1

    Account Number
    This is your PG&E account number, which you will need if you’d
    like to opt up to MBCP’s 100% renewable service offering,
    MBprime. You will also need this account number if you would
    like to change your rebate options; keep your rebate, green
    your rebate by redirecting it to MBgreen+, or share your rebate
    by donating it to MBshare. Your PG&E account number is also
    needed to opt out of MBCP service and return to PG&E.

  • 2

    PG&E Delivery Charges
    PG&E charges to deliver electricity over their existing transmission lines, maintain infrastructure and other fees that support customer service and billing.

  • 3

    MBCP Generation Charge
    This charge is to cover Monterey Bay Community Power’s cost of purchasing clean, carbon-free electricity for customers.

  • 4

    Total Amount Due
    Includes PG&E’s electric delivery charge, MBCP’s electric generation service and PG&E gas service, if applicable. This is the total amount you pay to PG&E, conveniently on one bill for services proved by both PG&E and MBCP.


  • 5

    Your Electric Charges Breakdown
    This is the sum of charges from PG&E only, including transmission, distribution and other fees, taxes and programs that fund regional or statewide programs such as assistance and efficiency rebate programs. This amount will match the PG&E Electric Delivery Charges.



  • 6

    Service Agreement ID
    A service agreement documents your particular arrangement with PG&E (including billing days, metering information, and other factors) in order to calculate applicable charges. For customers with multiple meters under a single PG&E account, each meter will have a unique Service Agreement ID number.

  • 7

    Generation Credit
    This is the generation fee now provided by MBCP’s generation service, so PG&E credits this charge back to your account to avoid any duplication of generation fees.

  • 8

    Power Charge Indifference Adjustment
    PG&E charges Monterey Bay Community Power customers a Power Charge Indifference Adjustment (PCIA), which is calculated based on the number of kilowatt-hours used each month. The PCIA is intended to ensure that MBCP customers pay the difference between what PG&E paid for power contracted to serve them prior to their switch, and the current market value of that power. For most MBCP customers, the PCIA is currently two to three cents per kilowatt-hour, depending on when the customer switched to Monterey Bay Community Power and whether they are a residential or a commercial customer. MBCP’s rate setting process is inclusive of the PCIA charge, so that in total, customers still save money compared to PG&E’s rates.

  • 9

    Franchise Fee Surcharge
    The franchise fee is collected from PG&E to cover costs associated with rights to use public streets to provide gas and electric service. MBCP’s rate setting process is inclusive of the Franchise Fee Surcharge, so that in total, customers still save money compared to PG&E’s rates.


  • 10

    ESP Customer Number
    This is your Energy Service Provider (ESP) Customer number for MBCP.

  • 11

    Rate Schedule
    This is your rate schedule determined by PG&E.

  • 12
    Energy Surcharge
    This fee is collected on behalf of the California Energy Commission and applies to all customers, regardless of service provider. The California legislature established the Energy Commission tax in 1975. The tax provides additional funding for the California Energy Commission.

  • 13

    Est. MBCP Rebate for current charges
    This number shows the estimated amount of rebate earned for the current billing period.

  • 14
    Additional Messages
    This section explains more about MBCP and how to contact us.


We’re Here to Help.

MBCP and PG&E are dedicated to working together to make your power service and billing as simple and convenient as we can. If you have questions about your MBCP charges, call us at (888) 909-MBCP (6227) or email us at info@mbcommunitypower.org. For questions about PG&E charges, call PG&E at (866) 743-0335.