More on MBCP Solar Programs

MBCP is committed to providing all customers – including those with solar on their homes and businesses – greater savings than they receive from PG&E, along with an exceptional customer experience.

As Monterey Bay Community Power commences operation, we will automatically enroll solar customers into our complementary NEM program.  MBCP’s NEM program will credit customers for their generation charges and will operate alongside PG&E’s NEM program for delivery and other charges.  Solar customers will see no change in how NEM functions or the value they receive from the program.


True-Up Dates and Net Compensation Rates

When a solar customer enrolls with MBCP, PG&E will automatically true-up their NEM balance. To minimize any potential disruption or loss of value from NEM, MBCP has created:

Four special NEM enrollment months:
July ’18, Oct ’18, Jan ’19, and April ’19

NEM customers will automatically be enrolled in the month closest to their existing PG&E true-up date.  Moving forward, a NEM customer’s date of enrollment will become the new NEM true-up date for both MBCP and PG&E.

MBCP’s primary function is to purchase and manage energy resources on behalf of Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz Counties.  MBCP believes that PG&E does not adequately compensate net-generator NEM customers for the value of their surplus energy, therefore we have significantly increased the Net Surplus Compensation (NSC) rate and will pay all net-generator NEM customers more for their surplus energy. NEM 1.0 customers will continue their grandfathered NEM status.

MBCP is also adding more consistency to the NSC rate equation by committing to an annual rate. PG&E changes their NSC rate monthly, and as of Feb 2018, customers were paid $.02793 for each kWh of surplus energy.  MBCP is more than doubling that rate to $.06135 which is locked in for the year.

Click Here to view the Solar Letter being mailed to every solar customer within MBCP’s service area.


Please note: Most NEM customers are not net-generators of electricity and still draw power from the grid.  These customers will get the same lower total cost for power that all MBCP customers receive.  MBCP will return a percentage of all generation charges back to customers as a rebate.  The rebate value has been set at 3% for 2018, and customers will receive this rebate as a bill credit when they true-up. MBCP procures power, and PG&E continues to deliver the power through their reliable infrastructure and will continue to provide billing and customer service. For more information on NEM, NSC, true-up and time-of-use, please enjoy this helpful video from PG&E:


Monterey Bay Community Power looks forward to working with the Tri-County solar community and to collaborating on program development to continue reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing customer costs.

For more solar information, Click Here for our FAQ page, then click the Solar tab.