Monterey Bay Community Power was formed to provide locally-controlled, carbon-free electricity to residents and businesses in Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz Counties through the Community Choice Energy (CCE) model established by the State of California.

The CCE model enables communities to choose clean-source power at a cost equivalent to PG&E while retaining PG&E’s role in maintaining power lines and providing customer service. The CCE model helps ensure local economic vitality because surplus revenues that would normally flow to PG&E will stay in the community. MBCP is one of 19 CCE agencies in California. For more information on the CCE model, click here.

PG&E customers within the Tri-County area were automatically enrolled with MBCP in 2018. All “exit fees” charged by PG&E are absorbed by MBCP, to make MBCP’s electricity generation charges equal to PG&E’s. MBCP provides a savings over PG&E through its rebate delivered as a credit on customer’s PG&E bill . Currently available PG&E programs, such as energy efficiency programs and CARE, will continue to be accessible by MBCP customers.

Formed in February 2017, Monterey Bay Community Power is a joint powers authority, governed by a Policy Board and an Operations Board, each of which includes eleven members. All board meetings are open to the public, with agendas posted in advance.



Monterey Bay Community Power (MBCP) will deliver its customers clean, carbon-free electricity over existing PG&E power lines, and PG&E will continue to maintain the lines and provide customer service as in the past.