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MBCP Celebrates One Year of Service!

What a difference a year makes! March 1, 2018 was MBCP’s first day of service, making today our one year anniversary; 365 days of providing cleaner energy at a lower cost to the Monterey Bay region!… and millions of dollars invested in the communities we serve.
Everything we do at MBCP is made possible with the support of our community, 97% of whom are MBCP customers in favor of a locally controlled energy model that supports clean energy and local benefits. From cost-savings totaling $4.4 million to signing contracts for three brand new renewable energy projects to bringing the cites of San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay into the MBCP family, it has been a year filled with action and accomplishments. Thank you for making it possible, we wish all of you a happy anniversary, too!
In honor of our one-year anniversary MBCP is offering a special MBprime promotion during the month of March – sign up for 100% renewable energy and you’ll be automatically entered to win a Blix Electric Bike and more. Join the contest celebration below:

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Official MBCP Statement:
In light of PG&E’s announcement and intention to file for bankruptcy, Monterey Bay Community Power (MBCP) wants to assure our community that this decision will not adversely affect MBCP customers.

Details of the proposed filing are still being worked out under guidance by the California Public Utilities Commission, the California Independent System Operator and Governor Newsom. MBCP and the greater California Community Choice community are in direct contact with all parties.

MBCP has been anticipating and planning for this scenario since the day we began service in 2018. We will continue to keep our customers top-of-mind as we monitor the situation and provide more information as it becomes available.




Monterey Bay Community Power Delivers Over $4 Million in Cost Savings Through 2018 Rebates
Monterey Bay Community Power today announced 2018 customer rebates will total more than $4 million dollars, delivering significant cost savings and making good on one of MBCP’s primary goals. Residential customers receive their rebate as a bill credit on December electricity bills, non-residential customers receive rebates biannually in June and December, and large commercial and agricultural customers receive their rebates quarterly in March, June, September and December.   Continue reading here.



MBCP Signs Contract for California’s Largest Solar + Storage Project
Monterey Bay Community Power (MBCP) recently signed two long-term solar development agreements, one of which will be the largest utility-scale, solar-plus-storage project ever built in California. With the approval of these two projects, MBCP will be making significant contributions to grid stability for California and to utility-scale storage capacity for California and the Nation.
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Blix Bike Giveaway, Round Two!
MBCP supports electrified transportation and supporting local businesses! Spread the word about our giveaway and earn extra entries!
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MBCP Strikes Major Renewable Energy Deal During First Year of Operation
In a first among all 16 Community Choice Energy agencies operating in California, Monterey Bay Community Power partnered with Silicon Valley Clean Energy for a joint-procurement project and MBCP’s first long-term investment in renewable energy from a new wind farm. The energy production from this new project will ramp up delivery of clean power to the electric grid. The 200 megawatt (MW) Duran Mesa Wind project is currently in development near Corona, New Mexico by Pattern Energy Group 2 LP (Pattern Development).

“Through strategic partnerships with other Community Choice Energy agencies like Silicon Valley Clean Energy, Monterey Bay Community Power can leverage additional resources and buying power to develop bigger and more affordable renewable energy projects, which is a landmark achievement for MBCP only being in our first year of service. We are strongly committed to a diverse portfolio of energy resources and this project brings a wide variety of benefits that will be shared by our customers for years to come,” said Bruce McPherson, MBCP Board Chair.

The Duran Mesa Wind project is an important addition to the MBCP power portfolio because the renewable wind energy becomes available just as the available solar energy from the day ramps down. The location, high wind patterns and time difference in New Mexico help alleviate the strain on the electric grid in the evenings, during California’s peak electricity usage.

For more about the Duran Mesa Wind project, click here



New, 100% Renewable Energy Service Offering – MBprime
Coinciding with the launch of residential service on July 1, MBCP announced the new MBprime service offering as an alternative to MBchoice, the default service offering which provides electricity generated from carbon-free sources like wind, solar and hydroelectric. MBprime was created for customers like the Monterey Bay Aquarium who want to support 100% Eligible Renewable (based on California’s Renewable Portfolio Standard) energy sourced exclusively from wind and solar.

In fact, feedback from the Aquarium was central to MBCP getting a 100% Renewable offering online sooner than planned. MBCP staff credit the nimble nature of the CCE model for being able to move from concept to completion on an entirely new service offering in less than two months. The creation of MBprime also exemplifies MBCP’s commitment to working with and meeting the unique needs of the Monterey Bay Region’s diverse residential and business communities. For more about MBCP’s Service Offerings and Rebate Options, click here



MBCP Announces “Go Local” Request for Offers (RFO): Local Renewable Generation and Energy Storage Projects

MBCP has issued an RFO to receive proposals for the development of local renewable generation and energy storage projects located within any member jurisdiction of MBCP’s service territory. The RFO seeks terms of 5 to 20 years with an installed capacity of 1 to 3 megawatts (MWs). MBCP aims to procure a total of 20 MWs through this process. This RFO comes in direct response to feedback from the communities we serve.

The goal of the RFO is to increase local renewable generation, increase local energy storage, and promote economic vitality for the Tri-County area.  In addition to technical considerations, the RFO will be evaluated for its impact on interconnection and capacity improvements, project location, project technology and size, contract term, job creation, local hiring, prevailing wage, economic growth, increase in local investment, environmental impact, developer experience, and project status. Expect RFO to be posted to the website at the end of May.



Enter to Win!

You must live or work within MBCP’s service area to be eligible. Contest is live through July 31, 2018.



Monterey Bay Community Power seeks qualified, passionate and committed applicants inclusive of the diverse people and communities of Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties.

The deadline to apply is April 30, 2018.  Click Here to apply



PG&E Raises Rates Statewide

As PG&E rates go up, so do MBCP customer rebates. Monterey Bay Community Power is dedicated to reducing customer energy costs. We want to assure our customers that the cost increases they see are a direct result of PG&E raising their rates and do not reflect increased expenses imposed directly by Monterey Bay Community Power.

Monterey Bay Community Power is dedicated to reducing customer energy costs.  That is why we match PG&E’s generation rates and why we return a fixed percentage of generation charges back to customers in the form of a rebate. In 2018, MBCP customers can look forward to a 3% rebate and we expect to see this number grow in coming years. We believe that choosing clean power should be synonymous with a lower total electricity cost. You will always experience a minimum of 3% savings with MBCP over PG&E’s pricing through your rebate.

With non-residential customer enrollment underway and residential customer enrollment beginning July 1, we know many of you will have questions about your bill. It is important to remember that MBCP only covers the generation charges on your bill.  PG&E will continue to charge for the delivery charges, non-by-passable charges, and the Community Choice Energy (CCE) exit fee known as PCIA. MBCP absorbs PG&E’s PCIA charge so our customers don’t need to pay it. Because MBCP matches PG&E’s generation rates, this means that when PG&E raises their rates, our rates will match them.  Other CCE’s provide a fixed-rate discount (usually 1 or 2%) instead of a direct rebate like MBCP, but all Community Choice agencies have a process for raising their rates to follow PG&E.

Timing is Everything 

PG&E has asked for several extensions to release their new rates in 2018.  These rates are expected to be implemented in March 2018, the same month that MBCP service launches for commercial customersFor many MBCP customers, the first time these new rate increases take effect will also be the first month that they receive MBCP generation service charges.  We want to assure our customers that the cost increases they see are a direct result of PG&E raising their rates and do not reflect increased expenses imposed directly by Monterey Bay Community Power.

Community Choice Energy means just that – choice.  MBCP understands that you want clean energy and a lower cost, and we are committed to ensuring that Monterey Bay Community Power always represents a lower total cost for customers.

If you would like more information about how MBCP sets its rates, delivers a rebate back to customers, or anything else, please reach out to us or 888.909.6227.