Board Clerk Executive Assistant

The MBCP Board Clerk/Executive Assistant provides administrative support to the CEO, Board Directors, and MBCP staff in the preparation and maintenance of public records and interaction with public officials. The incumbent may also assist with the composition of resolutions, staff reports, and other official MBCP documents. In addition, the Board Clerk/Executive Assistant will establish, set, maintain, present, and distribute agendas and Board meeting material and respond to inquiries from Board members and the public. The position is also responsible for coordinating Board-related meetings as needed and maintaining records of Board actions taken. The Board Clerk/Executive Assistant also provides assistance as needed in an Executive Assistant role to support the Chief Executive Officer including meeting coordination and management of verbal and electronic correspondence. Assignments are performed with general supervision and within an identifiable and prescribed framework. This position is a first point of public contact for MBCP and requires frequent interaction with MBCP officials, community members, vendors and the public regarding official MBCP Board of Directors issues, such as public meetings, agenda items, and general operations. In addition, the incumbent must exercise initiative, discretion, and good judgment in the analysis and resolution of issues that require technical or specialized knowledge of MBCP organization, policy, and procedures. This role also requires the ability to support the Chief Executive Officer in a variety of administrative duties as requested by management staff or members of the Board.

Finance Manager

The Finance Manager will supervise and analyze the everyday financial activities of MBCP and subsequently provide reports, advice and guidance to the Director of Internal Operations, CEO and Board of Directors on present and future financial activity and plans. Incumbent will provide financial reports and interpret financial information, advise on investment activities, manage the preparation of MBCP’s budget and audits, conduct reviews and evaluations for cost-reduction opportunities and maintain the financial health of the organization.

Key Accounts Manager

The Key Accounts Manager is the lead customer care representative for MBCP’s large customers, providing oversight for MBCP customer account management and administrating customer programs under the general supervision of the Director of Power Services. This job serves as the lead point of interaction between PG&E, the data management vendor and MBCP to identify and resolve issues related to MBCP’s and/or PG&E’s tariffs, program designs and business operations. In addition to administration of existing programs, this role may require modification and development of new programs and rate structures to better serve MBCPs commercial customers. The Key Accounts Manager will also work directly with strategic accounts and will participate in community events and/or perform related tasks for residential customers as may be needed.

Community Outreach & Events Coordinator

The Community Outreach & Events Coordinator works independently and within a team environment to interface with a wide range of community, stakeholder, and customer groups, conducting strategic outreach and community organizing efforts to advance MBCP programs. The Community Outreach & Events Coordinator is responsible for cultivating and developing relationships with key stakeholder groups, and for communicating MBCP’s central messages consistently to target audiences via professional networking, presentations at events, printed literature, web-based material, electronic correspondence, and verbal interactions. The incumbent also coordinates and participates in community events, organizes volunteers if needed, and performs related work and tasks to ensure successful events and positive responses to MBCP. The Community Outreach & Events Coordinator is also responsible for sales related activities on MBCP’s behalf through effective communications and physical visits to customer sites as may be needed.

Contract & Compliance Manager

The Contract & Compliance Manager performs assignments under general direction of the Director of Power Resources as part of the Power Resources and Procurement team and works closely with MBCP’s technical team including external consultants. This position provides support to the Director of Power Resources by developing and reviewing contracts for power supply and reviewing, validating and processing power supply invoices for payment.

Government & External Affairs Manager

The Government & External Affairs Manager is responsible for working collaboratively with internal staff and external consultants to guide, support and implement MBCP’s strategy in customer service and business and community development. The Government & External Affairs manager is expected to be an expert in MBCP programs and can provide key stakeholder groups, local governments and key customers with technical explanations about MBCP products and programs. Additionally, the incumbent will also manage and maintain tracking systems for key regulatory and legislative developments and schedules, and facilitate stakeholder relationships on regulatory and legislative issues. The Government & External Affairs Manager makes presentations to community, elected and professional groups, as well as to MBCP’s Board of Directors and staff.

Marketing and Communications Manager

The Marketing & Communications Manager will partner with and oversee the work of the marketing and public affairs consultant in the planning, execution and tracking of MBCP’s marketing and communications strategy. In addition to managing the implementation of region-wide public outreach and marketing campaigns, the marketing manager will oversee press relations, social media campaigns and branding/collateral design for the Agency. The Marketing Manager will manage the customer enrollment process and manage the MBCP Communications budget expenditures.

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