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Save Big on an Electric Vehicle through MBeVIP

Monterey Bay Electric Vehicle Incentive Program Makes Over $1 Million Available to Our Community – Plus Additional Savings Shop locally for an EV and be …


MBCP Is Seeking Local Microgrid Hosts to Energize Economic and Environmental Progress

MBCP Microgrid SmartConnect Program Would Create Jobs, Accelerate Access to Electricity, Cut Costs, Strengthen Energy Efficiency and Resiliency  MBCP recently launched the Microgrid SmartConnect Program to develop and own microgrid …


MBCP Celebrates One Year of Service!

What a difference a year makes! March 1, 2018 was MBCP’s first day of service, making today our one year anniversary; 365 days of providing cleaner energy at a lower cost to the Monterey Bay region!… and millions of dollars invested in the communities we serve.


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