Energy Programs

Powering Clean Energy Programs

Through education and financial incentives, MBCP’s Energy Programs are designed to assist our community with the switch from fossil fuel-powered sources to clean energy alternatives.

Together, by providing businesses and residents with carbon-free electricity, our community has already taken a big step toward continued economic and environmental progress for our region. MBCP Energy Programs possess the potential for all of us to accomplish even more together.



Plus an additional $6M in funds from the California Eclectic Vehicle Infrastructure Project (CALeVIP).




Based on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions measures, focusing our programs on the transportation and building sectors will provide the greatest impact in reducing GHG emissions locally.








Currently Accepting Applications!

In partnership with GRID Alternatives, MBCP is providing funds that will allow 20 income-qualified homeowners to receive free solar for their home in 2019. Homeowners will also save thousands of dollars in electricity costs using solar energy.

MBCP’s Solar Program for Affordable Housing is available for a limited time exclusively for low-to-moderate income homeowners, and the application process is already underway.

To see if your family qualifies for the program, please visit or call 831-784-8549.



Monterey Bay Electric Vehicle Incentives Program
(Monterey Bay eVIP) 

Coming May 2019!

MBCP and the Monterey Bay Air Resources District (MBARD) are teaming up to provide major incentives for electric vehicle (EV) purchases and leases this year through their Monterey Bay Electric Vehicle Incentives Program (Monterey Bay eVIP).



Phase 1 “Buy Local” (May 1 – July 31, 2019) offers significant discounts off MSRP plus additional MBCP-funded incentives on EVs purchased from participating, local dealers on select manufacturers and models for MBCP customers.

Phase 2 “Your Choice, Your Terms” (August 1 until funds run out) offers any tri-county resident the opportunity to apply for MBARD funded incentives for any used or new alternative fuel vehicle of their choice from any dealer throughout California. Phase 2 runs from August 1st until funds run out.


Currently, EVs make up only 1% of all vehicles in the Monterey Bay Region. In order to meet statewide goals and continue shaping the Central Coast as an innovative leader in sustainability, our region’s EV ownership must grow to 15% by 2030. More to come about our EV Incentives Program soon.

Check back after April 15 for more information about how to apply, where to shop, and who to contact for more information.

 Questions? Contact us at or 888.909.6227 (MBCP)



Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure Program

Beginning August 2019, MBCP commercial customers who are considering installing or upgrading EV charging stations will have access to valuable resources and incentives.

Businesses interested in accelerating the rate of EV adoption in our region – through accommodating locals who live and work sustainably, as well as visitors who travel and stay sustainably – are encouraged to contact MBCP’s Programs Department: