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Through education and financial incentives, MBCP Energy Programs are designed to assist our community with the switch from fossil fuel-powered sources to clean energy alternatives. Based on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions measures, focusing our Energy Programs on the transportation and building sectors will provide the greatest impact on reducing GHG emissions.

Together, by providing businesses and residents with carbon-free electricity, our community has already taken a big step toward continued economic and environmental progress for our region. MBCP Energy Programs possess the potential for all of us to accomplish even more together.

Look what we’ve already accomplished.


Total cost-savings delivered to MBCP customers in 2018


Energy programs: solar for affordable housing, electric vehicle purchase/lease incentives


EV infrastructure funds secured from California Energy Commission through CALeVIP program


Estimated metric ton reduction in greenhouse gas emissions via carbon-free energy sources

As a not-for-profit electricity provider, MBCP is uniquely positioned to research, explore,
pilot and launch innovative, scalable programs to accelerate the electrification of the
Monterey Bay region and California’s Central Coast.

Why Electrify?

With today’s clean and renewable energy sources, generating electricity on a mass, utility scale is no longer the source of endless pollution that it used to be. Just a few decades ago, conserving electricity was the surest path toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Today, getting more electric cars on the road and more homes, buildings and industrial sites off natural gas and onto electricity powered by clean-energy sources like wind, solar and hydroelectric presents an opportunity to potentially eliminate carbon emissions altogether.

MBCP has already developed local energy programs to be financial and educational resources for our community to accelerate this transition or “fuel switching” to clean, renewable sources in the short-term. We’re also developing a comprehensive long-term plan to reach the goal of a zero-carbon emissions region.

Building a Five-Year Energy Programs Road Map

MBCP is in the process of building a comprehensive electrification strategic plan which will culminate in a five-year energy programs road map designed to prioritize aggressive emission reductions while driving local economic development and stable, low electricity rates. In addition, as the region’s transportation and building stock switches from fuel to electricity, the program map will aim to address community emergency preparedness and resiliency during times of power outages.

Key Components of the MBCP Five-Year
Energy Programs Road Map


Technology and market assessment, covering buildings and transportation segments in the residential, C&I and agriculture sectors; 


 Feasible and optimistic targets for 2025 and 2030 for the electrification of vehicles and appliances in the transportation and built environment sectors and resulting greenhouse gas emission reductions;


Annual, 5-year program roadmap by customer, by technology



Review the complete Five-Year Energy Programs Road Map
outline and Request for Proposal: