Electric Vehicles


Going electric is good for you
and the planet.


Available May 1, 2019, MBCP is offering EV incentives to all MBCP customers – with additional incentives for income-qualified residents, public agencies, non-profits and schools.

Currently, EVs make up only 1% of all vehicles in the Monterey Bay Region. In order to meet statewide goals and continue shaping the Central Coast as an innovative leader in sustainability, our region’s EV ownership must grow to 15% by 2030.


Monterey Bay Electric Vehicle
Incentives Program (MBeVIP)

Available May 1, 2019!

MBCP and the Monterey Bay Air Resources District (MBARD) are teaming up to provide major incentives for electric vehicle (EV) purchases and leases this year through their Monterey Bay Electric Vehicle Incentives Program (Monterey Bay eVIP).


Buy Local: May 1 – July 31, 2019

Buy Local offers significant discounts off MSRP plus additional MBCP-funded incentives on EVs purchased from participating, local dealers on select manufacturers and models for MBCP customers. Click here to view the Buy Local MBeVIP FAQ

Buy Local MBeVIP Incentive through MBCP: $1,000*

* If you are income-qualified, you could receive a total of $4,500. Public Agencies , Non-profits, and educational institutions can receive $3,000. Find out if you are income-qualified here.


Your Choice, Your Terms: August 1 until funds run out

Your Choice, Your Terms offers any tri-county resident the opportunity to apply for MBARD funded incentives for any used or new alternative fuel vehicle of their choice from any dealer throughout California

New EVs, General Public: $1,000 Used EVs: $750
New PHEVs: $500 / Used PHEVs: $300 
New Electric Motorcycle: $200 
New Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles, General Public: $1,500
Income Qualified residents can receive double the indicated rebate amount pending Board Approval in May 2019


Visit one of our participating dealers to redeem your MBCP incentive certificate and take advantage of the dealership’s EV discounts exclusively for MBCP incentive certificate holders.

Available models and trims:

Bolt LT
Bolt Premier

See how much you could save

Available models and trims:

Leaf S Plus
Leaf SV Plus
Leaf SL Plus

See how much you could save

Available models and trims:

E-Golf SE
E-Golf SEL Premium

See how much you could save

Additional Rebates and Incentives:

Federal Tax Credit: Up to $7,500*
PG&E clean Fuel Rebate:  $800
Clean Vehicle Rebate: up to $4,500
*only applicable on purchased vehicles. Consult a tax professional regarding the applicability of the Federal Tax Credit

Protect the Planet

Lowering emissions means cleaner air for our community and a healthier planet for everyone.
. . . . . . . .
How much CO2 will you reduce?

(Select the ‘Carbon Reduction’ tab)


Save Money

Reduced gas expenses and less maintenance means more savings for you.
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How much money will you save?

Enjoy the Ride

Smooth handling, powerful acceleration and limited engine noise means EVs are the fun-to-drive vehicle you’ve been waiting for.

Going electric is easy.

Apply for the MBeVIP Buy Local Incentive. If you live Santa Cruz, San Benito, or Monterey County and have not opted out of MBCP service, then you are likely eligible for our incentive program.

Receive your MBeVIP Buy Local Incentive certificate and take it to an MBCP-approved dealership to buy, lease, or finance your EV at a reduced price.

Visit cleanvehiclerebate.org to apply for the CA Clean Vehicle rebate. All-electric vehicles get $2,500. Low-to-moderate income (300% of Federal Poverty) residents receive an additional $2,000.

Visit dmv.ca.gov to download the application for Clean Air Vehicle Decals that allow solo drivers to use the carpool lanes anytime.

Visit pge.com to apply for the $800 CA Clean Fuel Rebate.

See if you’re eligible for a Your Choice, Your Terms MBeVIP through MBARD for a second EV.

Enjoy the ride!

Sticker shock?
We can help.

Apply for these rebates and incentives to reduce the cost of going electric.

Buy Local MBeVIP Incentive $1,000*

*If you are income-qualified, you could receive a total of $4,500 from MBCP. Public Agencies , Non-profits, and educational institutions can receive $3,000.

Federal Tax Credit Up to $7,500
Clean Fuel Rebate $800
Clean Vehicle Rebate Up to $4,500
Your Choice, Your Terms MBeVIP through MBARD New EV $1,000

Estimate your total savings

Are you an income-qualified buyer? Do you have a gas car you could retire?

A Great Drive

Finding Your EV

Find the best car for your

lifestyle and budget.

Charging Your EV

Charging your EV is fast and convenient. Learn more about your charging options.

Find a charging station near you.

Going Places in Your EV

Zip through traffic in the carpool/HOV lane with a clean air decal.

Still have questions?

Check out our EV Buyers Guide or contact us at programs@mbcommunitypower.org.



Coming Soon: Electric Vehicle (EV)
Infrastructure Program


Beginning Summer 2019, tri-county commercial customers who are considering installing or upgrading EV charging stations will have access to valuable resources and incentives.

Businesses interested in accelerating the rate of EV adoption in our region – through accommodating locals who live and work sustainably, as well as visitors who travel and stay sustainably – are encouraged to contact MBCP at programs@mbcp.org.