Building Programs

Building Electrification

Did you know that residential and commercial buildings emit 16% of our local greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions? As your local electricity provider, MBCP is proud to offer building electrification programs for both new and existing residential and commercial buildings. 
MBCP knows the importance of increasing awareness and education around the benefits of building electrification as well as improving access to underrepresented community members through our programs. Reducing local GHG emissions helps to ensures the quality of our beautiful Central Coast’s air and water.  

Building Program Options for 2020 - Coming Soon

MBCP is currently designing programs for:

  • Multi-unit Dwelling Developer Building Electrification Grants for all-electric housing
  • Electric Appliance Rebates to incentivize homeowners to electrify their water heater.
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In partnership with GRID Alternatives, MBCP launched Project Sunshine in spring 2019 to provide funding for 20 income-qualified homeowners to receive no-cost solar for their homes. These homeowners will save thousands of dollars in electricity costs by utilizing solar energy.