Multi-Unit Dwelling Electrification Grant Program​

Multi-Unit Dwelling (MUD) Electrification Grant Program

Electrifying the Central Coast through affordable and clean housing

MUD Housing Developers:

Application link went live May 26th at 9 AM PDT

MBCP’s MUD Electrification Grant Program supports housing developers with incentives to choose all-electric residential  building design to eliminate the need for fossil fuel burning appliances and equipment. All-electric buildings help reduce greenhouse gas emissions while improving indoor air quality, occupant safety and delivering lower cost energy bills.
Funding for the MUD Electrification Grant Program totals $1.2 million. Any housing developers building a development within MBCP service area may apply. Applicants can apply for up to $240,000 for each all-electric MUD housing project/development. Funding amounts depend on the type of development and the number of all-electric units being built.

$2,500 per affordable housing unit                          $1,750 per market-rate housing unit

Steps to Participate in the All-Electric Building Grants Program

1. Apply Online

What you will need:

          • General information about the project
          • Project Schedule
          • At least one document showing intent to build an all-electric project
                • Architect of Record’s plans with confirmation letter from the architect describing how the building meets the all electric requirement and citing relevant pages
                • Confirmation letter from the electrical engineer describing how the building design plans meets the all-electric requirement
                • Construction permit, from the city/county, showing the building will be all electric

2. If approved, your funds will be reserved and you will receive a Letter of Intent stating the total grant for your project.

3. Your grant funds will be reserved for up to 3.5 years*.

4. Receive grant funds upon project completion.

You will need to provide:

          • Certificate of Occupancy – OR – notice of Completion
          • Inspection report showing all electrical work has been completed and no gas lines have been installed
*Applicants may submit one letter requesting an extension of reserved grant funds, for up to one year. The letter must provide a description of a good faith efforts towards completing the approved project. 

MUD Housing Developers:

Application link went live May 26th at 9 AM PDT