Soon to Be Central Coast Community Energy - September 2020

Ag Electrification Grant Program

Electrifying the Local Ag Industry

General Overview
Many of MBCP’s Agricultural (Ag) customers are focused on reducing the climate impact of their operations, benefiting their bottom line and the planet. As a local partner in GHG reduction efforts and economic development, MBCP has identified the Electrification of the Ag sector as a key initiative/focus for our Energy Programs. Electrification, often referred to as “fuel switching” has a variety of benefits for the customer, the surrounding communities and the people who work in the fields.
MBCP is providing incentives to the Ag sector for the purpose of fuel switching heavy duty equipment and farm tools from fossil fuels to cleaner all-electric alternatives. The program will be implemented via a competitive grant process. Eligible customers will be able to apply for up to $20,000 for electrification projects. Total available funding for MBCP’s first Ag energy program is $160,000.
Why do this?
The agricultural sector accounts for 8% of total GHG emissions in the State of California. The MBCP service territory has a large Ag sector presence and a significant percentage of our GHG emissions are from Ag sector activities such as:


        • Diesel-powered irrigation pumps.
        • Tractors and forklifts
        • Light/heavy-duty vehicles
        • Coolers/Boilers
        • and more
Ag electrification benefits include; cleaner air for farm workers and for our Central Coast through local GHG reduction, more efficient technology requiring less maintenance, and possible cost savings.
Program Walk-through
To qualify, an ag customer must be an enrolled MBCP customer within our current service area. Funding will be distributed via a streamlined grant process. Interested customers may apply for specific projects and will be eligible for up to $20,000 to support electrification/fuel switching costs. Funding to be provided at MBCP’s discretion.
This program, as the first iteration, is considered an exploratory program. MBCP also seeks feedback from the Ag industry about their electrification needs. This grant funding will go through a competitive process including analyzing the GHG reductions specific to each potential project on a $/MT GHG basis. Other considerations will be made as well including the benefit to people working in proximity to the equipment.
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Download the Ag Electrification Grant Program Flyer Here
Download the Ag Program Design and Implementation Guide Here
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The MBCP Ag Electrification Grant Program Application goes live July 27, 2020 at 1pm. 
Applications will be accepted through August 22, 2020:
View the Ag Electrification Grant Program Press Release Here